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Owen in Internet grooming film

CliveOwen.jpgClive Owen is set to star in a film directed by David Schwimmer from a screenplay by Andy Berlin. That's not really the high point of the story, and really the idea of Schwimmer directing another film is far from the big draw of the story.

No, it's what the story is about, the grooming of a fourteen year old girl by someone over the internet, and what happens to her and the family.

The film was inspired by David Schwimmer's work with a charity that deals with these issues, and according to Clive Owen through Digital Spy, there's a lot of authenticity in the film.

"It's a very brilliant script, really uncompromising...Maybe it's because my girls are the age they are, but I think it's something that really needs to be addressed. Grooming is a huge problem that needs to be dealt with and talked about...

...It was inspired by the charity that Schwimmer works for. The script has been rigorously looked at by people who are experienced in this world. I've met with the head of a rape centre and a guy from the FBI. It feels very authentic and I think it's a good thing to do."

Owen describes the film, called Trust, as:

"...deeply upsetting and very well written..."

Viola Davis and Thomas McCarthy are set to star in Trust alongside Owen who will play the father in the film, and you can just imagine the emotion that he'll pour into the role.

My only hope here is that Schwimmer manages to direct the film well and the idea of fumbling a film about a topic that could really do a good job of getting a strong message out there.



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