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Paranormal Activity in Area 51

ParanormalActivity.jpgParanormal Activity is growing in popularity day after day, and for those of you who haven't heard of it, it's a first person camera film about a couple who are recording the strange happenings in their home and is being touted as a damn scary horror film.

Now the writer/director is already talking about his next project, and it's sticking with a similar theme but moving to somewhere in the Nevada desert, Area 51 to be exact.

The idea sounds really interesting and the film Area 51 is starting production next week. Oren Peli, the writer/director of Paranormal Activity, is keeping tight lipped about the story just now, but he has revealed that it will use the ploy of footage that is discovered and reveals some, or all, of the story.

Apart from that all we know is that three teenagers have their interest piqued and head off to Area 51 to find out more about it.

Speaking through Variety he shows that he really wants to keep the plot a secret, something that's going to get harder and harder to do as he gets more famous and the budgets and scope of his films increase. Let's hope that doesn't spoil the film through.

"I'd rather not say anything about Area 51 except that I am very pleased to be working with the same team who stood by me for the two or three years it took Paranormal Activity to get into theaters"

I wonder if the found footage leads them to Area 51, or the footage is found once they get there? I suspect the former, they find footage that leads them on the journey. Perhaps it's some alien autopsy film?

Frankly there haven't been enough films made about Area 51, especially scary ones, and from what I've heard I really do hope that Peli will keep the scare factor high, for Paranormal Activity has it in bucketfuls I believe.

Have you seen Paranormal Activity (the film!), and what did you think?



I know a few folks that hate Paranormal Activity, because they think of these kinds of films as "cheat" movies. Personally, I liked it, even if it's flawed for sure, it's still impressive to pull off a movie for $15k in a week. I wrote about this in my own Paranormal Activity review, if you care to share it. I'll definitely check out his next film, but I'm hoping he's improved his storytelling.


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