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Paranormal Activity sequel problems

ParanormalActivity.jpgThe story has come out that Paramount Pictures want a sequel to Paranormal Activity, or rather they own the rights to a sequel and they are looking into the possibility.

There are a number of things that they should be aware of, and the film makers should be too, remember Book of Shadows: Blair Witch 2.

Paramount Pictures have announced that they have the rights to a sequel, which doesn't surprise me, new directors with projects like this are often tied into deals, the studio believing that they can capitalise on the money they earn in the first one or that they can get the directors to make some other projects for them straight after. It's not always about the sequels.

However the harsh warning here is, and we've already heard it said publicly to the makers of Paranormal Activity from the makers of Blair Witch, don't do it.

Or rather don't get caught up with the studio and make what they want. If there's going to be a sequel make it because you want to and because there's an idea there.

The article from the L.A. Times through ShockTillYouDrop has the story that the studio are excited about the second, but that could well be down to the fact that they've had to spend very little on the marketing using word of mouth and the Internet to promote it. However they haven't fully embraced or understood that model yet, and it only works with films that are actually good or offer something new or different.

The big drive here though are the rights. Paramount only own the rights to distribute this film in the U.S. side of the world, not anywhere else, with the sequel they already have worldwide rights.

Bingo, there's your answer. Potential return on investment. Of course what they don't realise is that the film makers can't just walk in and make the same kind of film for the same money and release it the same way without having something good to make in the first place. More of the same just won't work, and making something in a Hollywood style won't either.

Would a Paranormal Activity just go the same way as Blair Witch 2?



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