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Pirates of the Carribean: On Stranger Tides plot revealed

POTC-WorldsEnd-Pic.jpgThe plot for the fourth Pirates of the Carribean, Pirates of the Carribean: On Stranger Tides, has been kept under wraps with Disney telling us just enough to whet our appetites revealing that it's about Captain Jack Sparrow and his search for the mystical fountain of youth.

Well it seems that Disney have revealed what the story is based on and where it's come from, as they reveal that the story is based on a 1987 novel called On Stranger Tides by Tim Powers.

When the announcement came of the film title it seems that Tim Powers was contacted by a number of people about the clash and potential lawsuit, especially since his story is about a man who teams up with Blackbeard the pirate and heads out to find the fountain of youth.

Well he couldn't say at the time but it turns out that Disney had already been talking to him and they have optioned the book, some three years ago. Now Powers is able to talk about it as the Disney lawyers have lifted his secrecy agreement.

The L.A. Times through JoBlo have the story and Tim Powers reveals what he thinks will become of his story:

"My main character doesn't overlap with Jack Sparrow at all [in personality or circumstance]; they're totally different characters. I suppose they might overlap the Geoffrey Rush character Barbossa and Blackbeard. The only thing I feel certain they will hold on to is the Fountain of Youth since they telegraphed that at the end of the last movie."

Not entirely promising, but then I guess he's being realistic. The original tale follows Jack Shandy Chandagnac, the son of a British puppeteer who's dad died peniless after the Uncle stole all the money, and so he set off to seek his Uncle in Jamaica. On the way the pirate Blackbeard raids the ship, he's captured and given the choice of joining them or death, he choses joining them and they begin their quest for the fountain of youth.

He's taking the higher ground on it all though, with Disney obviously about to plunder his story into something very different, but he's not that bothered.

"I always think of something James Cain, the author of The Postman Always Rings Twice, said when people asked what he thought of the things Hollywood had done to his books; he pointed to the bookshelf and said, 'They haven't done anything to them, look.' That's my attitude. Just take all the fun stuff and, of course, any checks.... It strikes me as unrealistic to look at it in any other way"

Makes sense. He's received his money, it's up to Disney as to what they do with their film now. His book is still there and will be getting many more readers and probably a re-release.

Has anyone read it?



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