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Postman Pat's 3D film

PostmanPat.jpgI shake my head in dismay, but the much loved animated character of Postman Pat is about to start his rounds to the big screen, and he's going to be turned into 3D at the same time, a move that audiences around the world have been screaming out for.

That's sarcasm by the way. Postman Pat is a stop-motion animation that has been going on British television since 1981 is going to move to film, for no other apparent reason than cash.

According to The Mirror through The Guardian the film is due out in 2011 and will see Pat winning a Britain's Got Talent type contest and becoming the latest talk of the country. Then along comes a media mogul that offers him a contract for fame and fortune, and Pat has to decide between his old life or that of glittering lights and paparazzi.

Pat's not the only one being featured though, Jess, his trusty cat, is going to get a part and come up against a rival animal who is owned by a postal manager that doesn't like Pat either.

Is it me or is this sounding like a Wallace & Gromit plot? Bear in mind it's The Mirror, a paper that has seen a few strange film stories drift by the wayside, but it does come through The Guardian and it does have a comment from one of the producers, Andrew Kerr, who says:

"It is going to be an exciting time for Pat's fans…"

I don't know how many of them there are, but I'm sure it's not a huge audience, mind you the show has been seen in China, Iran and the Philippines. Then he goes on to reveal that the story will use the traditional stop-motion mixed with CG and 3D.

Great, the death of another kids classic.



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