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Predators casting

Predator.jpgThe Robert Rodriguez scripted Predators, which should really be called Nimród Antal's Predators since he's directing, has already gained two cast members, one rumoured and one announced with another wild rumour flying about.

You'll remember that the plot that's been announced is that a man is picked up by the Predators from Earth and taken to their home world where there's a huge nature reserve set-up specifically for them to hunt creatures. He teams up with a group of other humans who are already there and fight for their lives.

Walton Goggins is the man who has been signed for Predators first, or at least is the first official announcement. I say that because you'll remember that Danny Trejo has been saying that he's in the film, and that he'll be playing the Mexican character of Cuchillo. However do take that with a pinch of salt, it could be that he's pitching himself for the role and doesn't actually have it.

Goggins is most known for his role in the long running superb television series The Shield but he's had a number of smaller roles in films through the years, including The Bourne Identity.

There's no word on who Goggins will be playing in the reveal from Coming Soon, but I would think there's a strong chance he could be taking the lead character or that of Edwin, a man wanted by the FBI or a prisoner from San Quentin called Stans.

Other roles are a Russian named Nikolai, a French woman named Isabelle, a Sierra Leone death squad leader called Mombasa and a Japanese Yakuza enforcer called Hanzo.

Another thing that bothers me about this film, and I've already talked about all the things that are making me a little unsure about how this will turn out, but here's another one. Everyone keeps referring to the characters from the official blurb, and that mentions each character in reference to their weapons and their different nationalities.

It just seems too Rodriguez, too Machete, too convenient. I get that the Predators would chose the best of the best to fight, but I still don't understand why it's just humans, and...well I've already talked about all the other reasons.



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