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Predators huge casting

AdrienBrody.jpgThe casting of the new Predators from Nimród Antal and Robert Rodriguez has taken leaps ahead, with the confirmation of Danny Trejo and the previous news of Walton Goggins, comes the rest of the cast.

The cast is interesting, and is spearheaded by a one time Oscar winner, but you just have to look at some of his more recent work to see that the Oscar was some time ago.

The new cast of Adrien Brody, Predators consists of Alice Braga, Oleg Taktarov, Mahershalalhashbaz Ali and Louiz Ozawa (I presume they mean Louis Ozawa Changchien), with the previously mentioned Danny Trejo and Walton Goggins.

There are still some deals to be made though, and while those confirmations come from Variety, The Hollywood Reporter has a some news on an actor who is in negotiations and the roles that some of them will play.

Adrien Brody, believe it or not, is set to play the man who will hold them all together and try to save the humans from the Predators, and probably themselves too. He's apparently known as a hunter of men, perhaps the FBI agent role? Still he's a strange choice to lead the group, and perhaps a deliberate move away from any muscle man type role, but still.

Topher Grace looks set to play an accountant who hides a very deadly secret, actually it's not a secret since you'll find out he's actually a serial killer, a very dangerous and successful one at that. Hey, at least he tallies a good body count.

Alice Braga will be the female killer in the group, Mahershalalhashbaz Ali is, according to the story, a man not afraid to die which I think is a bit of a liability when you're trying to stay alive!

Walton Goggins is being a little typecast as the man who is considered a real loose cannon, and Oleg Taktarov will be playing the, wait for it, Russian special operations soldier.

Sounds not too bad to be honest, but I'm not really leaping about with excitement. Considering how much I loved the original this has a lot to live up to. What do you think of the casting?



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