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Progress on Kane & Lynch and Hitman 2

KaneandLynch.jpgIt was back in June of 2008 that Bruce Willis was in negotiations to lead the film adaptation of the video game Kane & Lynch: Dead Men, a pretty good gaming experience, to be directed by Simon Crane. Now it's definite as the producers of the film talk about what's in store.

They reveal that they are looking for Lynch already and talk about a few details of this and other video game productions, including Hitman 2 and Spy Hunter.

In the film Kane & Lynch, Bruce Willis is going to play the role of the mercenary, Adam Kane Marcus, who is broken out of prison and is forced to team up with a schizophrenic killer called Lynch and carry out the orders of a group who are holding his wife and daughter hostage.

Simon Crane is directing on his first outing as director after serving as second unit and assistant director on Jumper (Filmstalker review), Stardust (Filmstalker review), Mr & Mrs Smith (Filmstalker review), X-Men: The Last Stand (Filmstalker review) and plenty more action films.

Kyle Ward wrote the script which, according to rumour, was one of two different scripts in development with the best one being selected.

Interestingly Adrian Askarieh and Daniel Alter reveal that Ward has written the script for Hitman 2, the sequel to Hitman, something that was also announced back in July of 2009.

The two producers are very excited about and think the script is going to be very special. According to the GameDaily site through /Film, they are keeping close to the original story and the film looks set to have a pretty decent budget.

”I think Kane & Lynch is going to be filming in a combination of South America, Europe and possibly Louisiana, but we haven't locked down our locations yet.”

Collider tells us, through an interview with the producers, that the actor who is set to play Lynch is a British actor, but they won't say who, not yet.

They do talk about the whole process of making video games into films, and they reveal that there's nothing any more different than adapting a novel or a comic book. They're right, it's just that studios far too often see video games as the cheap and easy option, and that has to change.

”Well, here's the thing. Hitman made $100 million worldwide and we've done about $81 million on DVD. People seem to really like the movie and we still feel like we can do better with Hitman 2. I think the notion is that first and foremost, you want to make a good movie. I think you can't worry about the fact that it's based on a video game. If you start worrying about the fact that it's based on a video game, it becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. You have to treat it as you would a novel or a comic book, or any other source material. If it has all the elements and characters and ideas of a good movie, those are the components you concentrate on and you sort of flesh that out in the screenplay and you make a good movie out of that idea. I think that's been our goal. We're doing it with Kane & Lynch.”

Speaking about Hitman 2 they say that the script will not follow the fifth game which is due, but that there is a creative and rather different story in line for Agent 47, one aspect of it sees, as in previous games, Agent 47 returned to nothing and having to build himself up from nothing once again.

It seems like these guys are the guys to go to for getting video games made, or at least moving forward, as they're also talking about the Just Cause film and even what happened to that ill fated Spy Hunter they were working on.

Hold all these, even Hitman 2, I'm loving the sound of a Bruce Willis led Kane & Lynch.



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