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Redford's The Conspirator casting

TobyKebbell.jpgThere's been a little bit of casting news for Robert Redford's The Conspirator over the last few days, that's the film he's making that will tell the story of the people behind the assassination of Abraham Lincoln and in particular Mary Surratt, the alleged accomplice of John Wilkes Booth who reportedly hid him and rearmed him after the assassination.

It follows her attempts to defend herself and clear her name and is already featuring a strong cast with James McAvoy playing Frederick Aiken, the lawyer set to defend Mary Surratt who is played by the truly beautiful Robin Wright Penn.

The other day the news came out that Justin Long is joining the film to play a soldier who lost a limb during the Civil War and has become Aiken's best friend and is described by The Hollywood Reporter as his conscience.

Now, from The Playlist, we hear that Evan Rachel Wood is set to play the daughter of Mary Surratt, Anna, and Toby Kebbell is joining the film as the infamous John Wilkes Booth, not a huge role but a significant one which will gain him even more exposure in America, exposure he definitely deserves.

I'm thinking that this already sounds like a superb cast and the story itself sounds like one of those true life tales that has never really been explored properly and yet should have been.

It still surprises me that it's a topic that Robert Redford is taking on, it just doesn't seem like his usual fare, but then perhaps he'll surprise us with The Conspirator.



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