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Rock returns to action

WalkingTall.jpgDwayne Johnson, aka The Rock, has been struggling of late. When I saw him in Walking Tall I thought there was something genuinely there, it was a pretty good film, and a strong performance from the man, and in his action roles he was looking really good. Then there came a few performances that were more like acting, and this could have been a great move.

Then came the bad moves and he starts doing the kiddie films, it wasn't a bad thought, but looking back on action stars that had gone that way before you could smell mistake, actually you could scream it.

Now there's some light at the end of the tunnel as we hear that he's returning to the genre that made him, action.

The film Faster already has Dwayne Johnson set to lead as an ex-convict who sets out to avenge the dead of his brother who died in a messed up heist some fifteen years earlier. Just like Walking Tall (Filmstalker review) it shows him setting out doggedly to hunt down those who were responsible for his brother's death, even when they start hunting him down.

Right now George Tillman Jr. is in talks to direct the film, according to The Hollywood Reporter. Now he may have directed the pitifully painful Men of Honor, but he also directed Notorious (Filmstalker review) which I thought was really good and, for me, made me forget about heroic divers.

I suspect this could be rather good all in all, but the best news is what it has in store for Johnson. He's returning to what brought him to Hollywood in the first place and taken note of the bumps in similar action stars careers, Arnie and Diesel, both took a downturn when they turned to the children's films, and both came back to what they were good at and never looked back.

Let's hope that this is the same turn for The Rock.



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