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Saw VI trailer online in HD

SawVI.jpgThe trailer for Saw VI has arrived online in high definition, this is the proper one, fully sanctioned by the studio, and not likely to result in me getting an email asking me to take it down!

The trailer looks, well, okay. It features the scene that I was previously asked to take down, and not that much else. Some clues in the voice over, and over all more disappointing than anything.

There are some audio clues in the voice over there to the story, mainly at the end of it, but other than that it's a rehash of the extended scene we previously saw and confusing, fast cut shots that concentrates on the fact that Halloween is coming.

I'd say stick to the other trailers involved this week, but if you want to see the trailer for Saw VI then you can see it below and in high definition over at Yahoo Movies.



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