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Sharon Stone in male prostitute tale

SharonStone.jpgSharon Stone is still working hard and has had an amazing career. This year I was lucky enough to see her at the BAFTA red carpet event in real life and I have to say she was one of the most stunning women there, she blew me away. However she's still working in film, even after Basic Instinct 2, and her characters don't seem to be getting weaker either.

She reveals that she's about to star in a film called Satisfaction about a relationship with a male prostitute, and it sounds as though it could be a strong film.

According to Sharon Stone, the film will tell the story of a male prostitute who has been looked after by an older woman. That relationship falls apart and the agency that's running him stop sending him out as his attitude changes and he's no longer appealing to clients.

So when he finds another older woman and settles in with her he returns to the agency for work and they start sending him out again, presumably without the knowledge of his new lover, played by Sharon Stone.

Speaking about the film she says, through PrestigeHK and Coming Soon:

"He goes looking for someone else to take care of him and he keeps trying to come on to [my character]. You think they have legitimately fallen in love, by his behaviour and her behaviour - until the call-out service starts sending him out again while he's with her. He starts trying to break her down. And it's incredible what they do together: a very, very fascinating journey."

What's surprising about this story is that Stone tells us who else is starring in the film, Chris Evans as the male prostitute and Carice van Houten as another woman. Houten isn't surprising, she's a great actress, but it's Chris Evans playing the male prostitute, a role that really would seem to stretch him if this is the dramatic film that Stone's blurb would suggest.

The film is written by Simon Burke and will be directed by Anya Camilleri.

She also reveals that this isn't her last film and that there's going to be a few more yet. You have to admire Sharon Stone, in her fifties, looks much, much younger, is still a sizzling sex symbol, and is embracing life at every opportunity.



I think Chris Evan's isn't as big a stretch as you might think. Granted things like Cellular, TMNT, Push and even the Fantastic Four films are a bit lack luster but I feel Evans consistently preformed higher than any of them dissever. In fact casting Evans was one of if not the only good choice the producers on the Fantastic Four films made.

However its Sunshine thats the real case and point here. Showing if they set them up he'll knock them out the park.

I can see what you mean but he's not really had the leading roles to show what he's capable of, not in my eyes anyway.

He's had supporting moments, but not a full dramatic lead. I think this will be a big move for him.


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