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Short Circuit remake gains director

JohnnyFive.jpgRemakes continue to be the in-thing in Hollywood, and we heard about the Short Circuit one some time ago, however there wasn't a director attached to the project until now.

I have to say I'm not keen for the remake of Short Circuit, so I'm not entirely sure that any writer and director combination would work for me, however they are in place and the film is going forward, so should we make the best of it?

The writer of Robot Chicken is adapting the original Short Circuit film, Dan Milano, and now we hear the news from Variety that Steve Carr is set to direct his script. Carr has previously directed Dr. Dolittle 2, Daddy Day Care, Are We There Yet? and Paul Blart: Mall Cop.

It's an interesting mix for the film, both writer and director well versed in comedy, although I think perhaps some of Carr's previous titles need to be forgotten there, but he's looking quite a bit stronger these days.

What do you think? A good enough line-up of talent to deliver a good Short Circuit? Perhaps, I mean it does look a little like a Robot Chicken, but will it all be enough to deliver a Short Circuit film as funny as or even better than the original film? I still don't see the need to remake it, but that's what Hollywood does.



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