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Showgirls sequel in production

Showgirls.jpgIt seems nigh on impossible to conceive, but it would seem that there is a sequel in development, and a director has been assigned to a project that already has a title and a story, although it's not clear if the entire script is ready.

I can hardly believe it, a sequel to such a bad film, and yet it did receive a kind of cult following because it was so bad, but will that sort of following happen again with the sequel?

Director and cinematographer Marc Vorlander is already assigned to the project which is called Showgirls: The Story of Hope and is being scheduled as coming out this year, amazingly. Although when I say director and cinematographer, I mean that in reference to this film, not any others, for he doesn't appear to have any other credits to his name.

However this film doesn't seem as though it will star the original big names of Showgirls which starred Gina Gershon, Kyle MacLachlan and Elizabeth Berkley. According to German site ExtraTipp through JoBlo, this sequel will lead with the smaller character played by Rena Riffel in the original called Penny or Hope, hence the title of the film.

Showgirls: Story of Hope will tell of a stripper who died of an overdose of cocaine and her brother coming to town to search for the truth behind her death and seek revenge. If Riffel is playing Hope her part might be rather small in the film as she could be the one dying at the beginning.

Riffel's career has been less than breakthrough as some of her roles suggest she's been playing similar parts to her original Showgirls role, and in some cases more exposed roles.

Can you believe that there's going to be a sequel to Showgirls? It looks like it's happening considering the official site, but it's certainly not going to gain the bizarre cult status of the original, so is there any need?



Great, this movie was hot. Sucked but man was it filled with steamy hot scenes. My have ruined Elizabeth Berkley's career, but I loved seeing her naked.


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