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Shyamalan produced Devil plot reveal

MNightShyamalan.jpgI didn't catch this first time around, but the plot of the M. Night Shyamalan produced film Devil, directed by the writers and director of Quarantine, the remake of the Spanish horror film [REC], and from the writer of 30 Days of Night, has been revealed online.

In fact it was revealed a while ago, but no one really picked up on it, perhaps because it sounds equally daft and good at the same time, although the plot holes leap out as soon as you read the one-liner.

Brian Nelson wrote the script, which is the first strong point because he wrote 30 Days of Night, and both John Erick Dowdle and Drew Dowdle are directing, although for me that's not such a strong point as they were responsible for the Hollywood almost shot by shot, completely copied Quarantine, from the very good Spanish horror film [REC].

Here's the plot line that comes from Hollywood.com through /Film:

”A group of people are trapped in an elevator, and one of them is the devil.”

Combined with a reader commented on in an old story on /Film:

”Devil is basically a supernatural thriller set inside of an office building. There are some people stuck in an elevator, and one of them is not who they say they are (*cough* it’s in the title *caugh*)

There is also a security guard and a policeman. The security guard is trying to convince the policeman to get them out of the elevator. He is also trying to convince the policeman that he is the chosen one to save the people.”

Means we have the plot already. Sounds interesting, basically we have the devil and the saviour of man stuck in a lift together. This could make for a great dynamic, except wait a minute, if we have the devil and the saviour of man in a lift, surely one of them can make it start again, or open the doors?

I'm sure there's a reason behind that, perhaps one of them is keeping the doors shut with their powers to keep the other in the lift and perhaps to try and get the humans stuck in there with them to make the decision on behalf of humanity, devil or saviour.

I like that premise, which just popped into my head as I read it, but my real concern here is not the potential plot hole, but the fact that the directors of this film have only directed Quarantine, which is essentially [REC] in English.



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