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Snipes to return for Ferrara's Game of Death

WesleySnipes.jpgWesley Snipes is set to return to the big screen and star in Abel Ferrara's latest film, Game of Death. No, not the Bruce Lee one. This story sees a bodyguard for a politician stranded in hospital as five top assassins go after the man he's protecting, and he has to stop them.

It sounds a great fun story, and one that could see Snipes return to his former glory, although I really would like to see him in another Blade film I fear he may be too old to carry that role now, but if you're going to bet on an action star, wouldn't you, as he said himself...

”...always bet on black”

That was the good fun film Passenger 57 by the way.

Putting to the side the personal life of the man, he has starred in some fun films, and along with his action roles there have been some more dramatic ones, however he's more known for those big screen action roles, and Blade in particular.

Now Game of Death could give Wesley Snipes a chance to return to the big screen in a big role, and one that might not be just about the action, especially with Abel Ferrara at the helm as ScreenDaily tells us.

I don't know about you but I'm excited to see him back in something decent, what about you? What is your favourite Wesley Snipes film?

I guess the big question for Game of Death though is will it make it to the big screen, and will it end up being any good?



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