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Soderbergh's Knockout will be realistic not Bourne

GinaCarano.jpgSteven Soderbergh has been talking about his next project Knockout, you know the one, with the gorgeous and incredibly sexy mixed martial arts fighter Gina Carano, and he's revealed that he's going to be making it realistic, and not following that Bourne franchise at all.

What he's saying here is good news I reckon, it's going to be much more realistic and no shaky-cam. Consider me in.

Steven Soderbergh has already signed up Gina Carano, a the mixed martial artist who is just beginning at acting, to star in his new film Knockout. We've heard that the film will follow a woman fighter who is offered the chance to redeem her life by becoming a spy and using her skills for a purpose, that she does and we get what people are calling a female Bourne.

Not so says Soderbergh through MTV, in fact he's planning something a lot more realistic, as the casting would suggest, and the best news?

”The camera won't be on the shoulder. It’ll be my take.”

Superb, no shaky-cam, we're (hopefully) going to see the action that is taking place and not just hide the fact that the lead actors can't do fights scenes through rapid cuts and over blocking every shot.

”I have to think laterally instead of vertically because I don’t have the budget. I’m not going to have scenes with so much mayhem taking place that in reality the cops would shut it down.... So stylistically I don’t want to duplicate what Paul’s been doing...

...Very, very few people escape high-speed pursuit," the director said. "It happens, but it's very rare. So I’ve already researched the six times in history it's happened, so if we do that and she gets out of it, she’s going to get out of it one of the ways they did. It's that kind of thing. It drives me nuts when I see a movie and I think the police presence would be so immediate. That sequence would be over in three minutes!”

Now that is music to my ears. As much as Bourne is fun, the action is over the top and most of it is hidden by too many cuts, close-ups and shaking. A lot of the time the realism is actually just hiding the filming.

Soderbergh looks set to go for actual realism, and not just in the casting but in every aspect of the film, and that's something I think would work far better than the Bourne style we're used to, don't you?



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