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Stalked: Park's remake, Wichita change, Psy-Ops, Apaches

Chan-wook Park is set to remake French thriller Le Couperet...

Wichita, the film starring Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz, has had a name change and some more plot revealed...

Scott Stewart and Gus Krieger have written an action thriller called Psy-Ops...

Bruckheimer's Apaches gets a rewrite...

Chan-wook Park is set to remake the 2005 French thriller Le Couperet from Costa-Gavras who was happy to endorse the remake:

”I was glad to hear that Park, who has made political genre films, wants to remake my film. I met him and we talked a lot here in Pusan. I didn't want to give any opinions of mine but I will support him as much as I can in France”

The film is a dark comedy about a man who is unemployed for three years and his life deteriorates so much that he becomes a killer. Sounds an interesting film for Park, but surprising that he's going to be remaking it. The story comes from Variety.

Wichita, the film starring Tom Cruise, Cameron Diaz, and Peter Sarsgaard, has had a name change and a plot reveal. According to Variety through Latino Review, the film is undergoing a name change to Knight & Day, and the plot now reads like this:

”Cruise plays a man of mystery who links up with Diaz. They become fugitives, there are betrayals and shifting alliances all around them, and they must figure out whether to be guided by truth or trust.”

Having just written about Mr & Mrs Smith, it seems to be carrying a little of that feel, and with the strong cast, I'm thinking positive things.

Scott Stewart and Gus Krieger have written an action thriller called Psy-Ops, which is about a U.S. military unit of psychological operatives who use people's deepest fears against them. However when on a mission in the Amazon Basin they discover something more terrifying than they could have imagined.

According to the story in Variety, the film will combine the ideas of Predators, Aliens (bear in mind those two plurals there, not the originals) with Black Hawk Down and the Bourne series.

Jerry Bruckheimer has assigned two new writers to try and get Apaches adapted properly from the Lorenzo Carcaterra novel about a group of retired policemen who get together to try and bring down the most dangerous and vicious criminals in Gotham. Sean O'Keefe and Will Staples are the men tasked with the job according to Variety. The novel has been adapted a number of times to date but the script hasn't been successful, could this be the one?



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