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Stalked: Revealing photos from Clash of the Titans and The A-Team

ClashoftheTitans-Zeus.jpgThere are more photos online from Clash of the Titans and The A-Team, the first showing off more of the style that is set for the film, and the second giving us close-up looks of the characters of the team and how they are going to look in the film, and there's one interesting photo that might start the move away from the A-Team we've seen on television.

While I don't usually just write about every photo released, these are pretty significant. Both films are remakes of well loved originals and it's really difficult to see how they could be brought to the big screen again, but these photos suggest they might just be doing it right, for both.

First up, I'm not going to steal the glory from the original sites by copying off the photos, I don't think that's very fair, the furthest I've gone is grab a cut down still from Clash of the Titans for the post to give you a taste, the rest you can get from the main sites.

Okay, so the Clash of the Titans photos show us some more of the action from the main film which tell us a lot about the style of the film, and it's something I really like, and I think you will and should do too. It's heavily practical, and we have to be glad of.

It would have been very easy to make it in a 300 (Filmstalker review) style with CG all over the place, but looking at some of these photos you'd think nothing of that, it looks like they have plenty on location and in proper sets. It does look good.

Not only that but the creatures look good without CG, and perhaps there's going to be a lot of CG in there, but you can see from the creature photos here that there's no real need.

Plus there's the first shots of Zeus, that's Liam Neeson to you and I. You can catch them all at Empire and Entertainment Weekly through through First Showing.

Next up are the photos for The A-Team, in addition to the last team shot we saw. These are mainly publicity shots of some of the characters in close-up, but there's one shot that really has caught my eye and makes me have a warm feeling about what this film could bring.

The first shot that we see is of Bradley Cooper as Face walking ahead SWAT style with an automatic weapon. From the looks of the people in the background it would seem that this is weapons training for the actor in the role, but it does suggest something rather positive for the film.

The concern is that The A-Team television series was all a bit fantastical and TV friendly, no one got killed, not even wounded, but the way Cooper looks holding this gun would suggest there's a little more weapons action than you would expect.

You can see The A-Team photos over at WWTDD through ComicBookMovie.



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