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Star Trek Klingon deleted scene

StarTrek_Poster.jpgThere were no Klingons on the Star Trek (Filmstalker review) reboot, which wasn't a real problem to be honest, the real problem was a huge gaping hole in the characters, particularly of the bad guy and of the background to his character, his motivation and history being regulated to a fifteen second speech and a photo before raging onwards.

I felt that weakened the character and we didn't feel his drive or the real desire there. He was the standard one dimensional bad guy, plant a sign on his head and send him off to fight. However there was talk of a plot line involving Klingons and how he waited out being captured and tortured, and built his character, and now part of that is online.

There had been talk of showing the Klingon scenes on the Blu-ray, and finally we get to see one online, however it's not the character building piece I thought it was and I judging from what's been said before there's more to this Klingon thread than we're seeing here, and hopefully more on the Blu-ray.

From what we've heard the Klingons were expected to appear during the opening sequences of Eric Bana's character and his crew appearing in the past and capture them, just after they had attacked the Star Fleet ships. They held them for some time, torturing them for answers and finding some things out about their mission, why they had appeared in the future and what they were waiting for.

This passage of time and torture would have shown just what this mission meant to the Romulan and why he, and his crew, had come this far. It was only when they discovered the whereabouts of Spock in this new time-line that he broke free, killed the Klingons, and he and his crew left to move the film forward.

For me this seemed an important character building moment, but this thread was cut entirely. Now you can see a scene from that in the form of the last moments. The Klingon reveals he has the information about Spock and that's when they make their move.

Enough of me talking about it, here's the clip of the Star Trek (Filmstalker review) deleted scene through /Film:

Now tell me, do you think this thread, bearing in mind this is the closing scene of it, would have made the character, and the film, stronger?



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