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Straczynski adapting videogame

JMStraczynski.jpgJ. Michael Straczynski has been taken on board by Jerry Bruckheimer films to adapt a videogame, however by the very name of the writer you'll probably guess that this just isn't any videogame, this is one with a rather interesting premise. It's basically the American Civil War in modern times.

The game is Shattered Union which sees modern day America broken apart by a bloody and violent civil war, however it's not just one side against another, it's an all out, all States for themselves war.

The back story has Washington D.C. destroyed by a nuclear blast and the States going into complete turmoil, presumably with the explosion has gone the entire governing bodies of American Government and the armed forces, except that is for the troopes and weaponry which now falls into the hands of the secuclar States.

The individual States then form up as six separate groups fighting against each other, and to throw some more chaos in there, the UN send in a peacekeeping force too. In the game you can play the California Commonwealth, the Republic of Texas or the New England Alliance, and battle to try and gain control of the entire country.

The game is actually a turn based strategy game, however that makes little difference to the film as it will be taking the idea and concept and developing a film out of it, perhaps looking at some of the cut scenes and story developments too for inspiration.

It's an interesting story from Variety through Coming Soon anyway, but when you add in the fact that J. Michael Straczynski is the writer that has been given the task of adapting the game, then something a little different happens.

Think the scope and multiple characters of Babylon 5, think the subtlety and characterisation of Changeling, think the action of Ninja Assassin, and bring them all together in a modern civil war. Now I'm liking that idea.

However it's the bigger scope of this that's important. Yes it's a videogame, but it's a videogame with a well built plot and premise, one that could actually turn out to be a hell of a film, or even a franchise.



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