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Texas Chainsaw Massacre modernised and urbanised

TexasChainsawMassacre.jpgWhen I first heard that The Texas Chainsaw Massacre franchise was moving from its current studio Platinum Dunes to the horror stable at Lionsgate with Twisted Pictures, I wasn't that interested. Then I read today about the plans for the franchise and I'm suddenly very surprised, and I think you will be too.

Not only will the next episode be in 3D, which renders my heart will fear and dread for all the wrong reasons, but it will be written by the excellent Stephen Susco and it will be modernised, taken to current day and placed in an urban setting. What?!

I could hardly believe it when I read it, although if anyone could pull this audacious move off it would be Stephen Susco as he's an excellent writer, but the problem will be how that script will make it to the big screen, and considering there's going to be 3D involved, I don't think it's going to go well.

The original story from Variety told us about the studio change and that the plan was to adapt the story, as the article used the non-word “contemporize”, for a 3D film, and that just turned me off the story straight away, missing the fact that Stephen Susco was set to write the script.

Then, today, the story from ShockTillYouDrop through JoBlo has one of the producers of the film, Mark Burg, revealing what's in store for it:

”What we're going to do with it is bring it to 2010," says Burg. "Make it current day and come up with a new story that takes some of the basic plot points, if you will, and make it a current day movie. I don't want to make another Chainsaw in the '70s, that doesn't thrill me...

...It's a 'what if?' It's 35 years later, there's a relative going back. Why is he going back? I don't want to set it in a dusty town. How do we make it more urban but keep that feel. There will be some relatives, some new people. There's still the subtext of 'are they eating these people?' The whole idea of cannibalism, we're bringing it back.”

So that's the idea, it's going to be in an urban setting, involving relatives of the original family in The Texas Chainsaw Massacre films that were based around the seventies, and it's going to be about cannibalism. Oh, and it'll be in 3D.

That last bit is the killer for me. I could probably have thought that Susco could have delivered something strong, and I think he still will, but the director will have to think about exploiting every shot for 3D and that PG13, date movie target audience.

Still, a modernised urban set Texas Chainsaw Massacre?



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