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The Boat That Rocked aka Pirate Radio trailer online

TheBoatThatRocked.jpgThe trailer for Pirate Radio is online, because the Americans don't understand what The Boat that Rocked would mean...frankly I think they'd have as much chance as we in the UK did, so why change it? I think I actually know.

Anyway the trailer is online and it actually makes the film look a lot better than it actually is, with quite the coherent storyline. Unfortunately it's not.

I think the name change is down to the negative reviews it received when released over here in the UK, after all the reviews will be for The Boat that Rocked, and not Pirate Radio.

Please excuse me one moment while I go and amend my review. I shan't be a moment.

There, that's done, everyone should be able to see the review for The Boat that Rocked (Pirate Radio) (Filmstalker review) now. So studio, I don't think that rename trick stood you in good stead there.

Mind you people will still go and see the film because the trailer, over at Apple Trailers [P:S:M:L:480p:720p:1080p] looks pretty good. Here's the closing blurb on my own review of the film:

The Boat That Rocked has some fun moments and ideas to it, but there's just no emotional attachment and no depth to the characters or the situations. It's definitely not on a par with other Richard Curtis films. That said there are some nice moments, some good laughs, and some great music, all with some nice editing and cinematography. It's just that the story isn't there to keep up.

Although I might not be happy with the way I wrote that, it sums it up pretty well. The story was secondary to the music and some set pieces with the characters, and the characters weren't fleshed out further than their costumes and their individual idiosyncrasy, by that I mean each had one to make them stand out from the other.

That's despite the fact that it carries such a strong cast, which you can see in the trailer, from Philip Seymour Hoffman to Kenneth Branagh.

So it's a great part of marketing to see this trailer make the film look so good, and also to try and stem the reviews from the UK and make the foreign climates receiving the film look on it with eyes anew.



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