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The Messenger trailer online

TheMessenger-Foster.jpgI don't remember writing anything about The Messenger, but it seems I should have taken notice, and now the trailer is here I'm doing just that because the trailer is a powerful and emotional one.

Starring Ben Foster, Woody Harrelson and Samantha Morton, it tells the story of two Army men whose job it is to deliver the news that peoples loved ones have died in service to their country. Their job is complicated when the younger of the two officers wants to offer some genuine, human comfort for the people he meets and becomes drawn to one widow in particular.

The film looks a really powerful one with Woody Harrelson playing the mentor role and Ben Foster playing the newer soldier to the task. Samantha Morton is a superb actress too and it's great to see in her in such a potentially strong role.

After seeing this trailer I'm really keen to see the film, not because of the awards shown on the screen or the review quotes, these things don't tend to make me overly excited about a film unless it's someone I trust or I've seen the film at the festival myself. No the reason I'm taken so by this film is the trailer itself and the edgy performances it looks like we'll get as well as the emotional story that covers something we haven't really seen to date.

From co-writer and director Oren Moverman, who co-wrote I'm Not There and the film Married Life which is full of human emotion and drama and strong performances.

Here's the trailer for The Messenger:



Is this the same Oren from Paranormal Activity


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