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The Third Man remake?

TheThirdMan.jpgThe next of the classic films to be remade looks to be Carol Reed's The Third Man, an absolute classic adapted from the Graham Greene story and starring Orson Welles and Joseph Cotton. Well, if you believe the rumour that is.

However it's not hard not to believe it, since the strangest of decisions are being made these days in Hollywood, and the rumour does have a strength to it considering there's a strong writer involved and cast, Leonardo DiCaprio and Tobey Maguire?

For Tobey Maguire he's already been somewhere close to this before, The Good German, there's a feel that's very close there, and so it's not too hard to believe that he could star in a modern remake of The Third Man.

Leonardo DiCaprio? Well these days you could really believe he could turn his hand to anything, and he's not adverse to tackling some really big adaptations with his production company, we've started to see that already.

So perhaps it's not that far fetched after all?

The rumour comes through CHUD and Jo Blo and suggests that the writer of Easter Promises, Steven Knight, is set to write the script, that the deal is from Canal Plus and that it's going out for bidding right now.

I'm a little surprised that with no script written there's already talk of the two actors being lined up in the main roles, but they are. This is perhaps the part I'm most sceptical with, I could see DiCaprio being attached before the script, but Maguire seems a little more of a stretch. Still, it could be the case.

The original film takes place in Vienna, just as it has been divided up into sectors by the Allies who have won the war. Harry Lime, played by Orson Welles, is a man who has taken advantage of the growing black market that has arrived after a shortage of supplies in the city, and invites his friend Holly Martins, played by Joseph Cotten, to join him and his business.

When Martins arrives he finds that Lime has been killed in a strange accident, and he begins to investigate what has happened and try and find out the truth. As he does he starts to discover lies from the people around him, and inconsistencies in their stories of events.

So it sounds an interesting film, but it does need a couple of great actors for the leads, two actors who really play off of each other well, and really do feel like great buddies. Well that could be Maguire and DiCaprio, but I just wonder if Maguire would be a little bit of a let down in the pairing.

What do you think? If they really are producing a remake, then could you see these two stars in the roles? Could you think of a better pairing?



The Orson Wells version is one of my favorite movies. It's an awesome little mystery and if they keep the plot solid i see this working.

I like DiCaprio. Tobey McGwire, not so much.

If they try to remake this film, they'll be crazy. Some things should be left as they are. Nobody can match Welles, Cotten and Valli. And what would they do about the theme music? Absolutely unforgettable and unbeatable. Leave it alone gents.

Anyone know who would be directing this? Naturally Scorcese came to mind. I could see this film working with him behind the camera.

I don't think there's a director attached yet, I'm still waiting to find out and I'll let you know as soon as.

I think you're right though, it does need a big name director doesn't it?


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