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Tooth Fairy trailer online

DwayneJohnson.jpgThe Tooth Fairy sounds terrible, looks terrible, and is another poor decision for Dwayne Johnson's career, as I said in the previous article about Faster, that is Johnson's chance to reverse the damage done with the exploration of children's films. Having said that, there are a few charming moments in this trailer, even if it is a ridiculous idea.

The idea is this. Johnson, aka The Rock, plays a top of his game Ice Hockey player who loves the violence of the match it would seem. One day he tells his girlfriend's kid that the tooth fairy doesn't exist, and the next thing is the association of tooth fairies has summoned him to do time as one in order to respect them next time.

However his training doesn't go that well until he embraces both aspects of his life, the Ice Hockey and the Tooth Fairy. Great idea isn't it? Wow, don't all shout no at once, my ears are bleeding!

Anyway the trailer does reinforce that, and while I've seen a few rants about how bad it really is, there are some charming and amusing moments in it with some nice casting too.

So Billy Crystal and Julie Andrews are basically playing parts they've played in other charming and heart warming films, but it works, and here they've got some decent lines. I did like the moment with the amnesia dust.

I said, I did like the moment with the amnesia dust. Yes, that could get old really fast.

Still, I really hope that Tooth Fairy marks the last of Dwayne Johnson 's children's films and that he's returning to action and acting to build his career up once more, following after other action stars who have done just the same and returned to what they know to become even better.

There's a good sign round the corner with Faster, where I already discussed the all too common turn from action to children's films and how that can be a bad move for an action star, but isn't impossible to turn around.

Please let this be the last. Although it might just be a not-too-painful last outing.



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