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Trailer for young John Lennon story online

JohnLennon.jpgNowhere Boy is the story of the young John Lennon, his life, his family and his first meeting with the Beatles to be, and the trailer has arrived online and looks rather interesting.

However I'm not sure if it will please John Lennon or Beatles fans as it doesn't feature their music, although it does have the voice of John Lennon running through it, something that must have made it hard for the lead actor to cope with.

The film uses recordings John Lennon made reflecting on his own life as a voice over to weave the story together, an interesting idea, but I wonder if that's where it ends for the film.

Although that might seem interesting and the cast list strong, it features Kristen Scott Thomas, David Morrissey, Anne-Marie Duff, Aaron Johnson as the young John Lennon and Thomas Sangster as the young Paul McCartney – it even features a young Jimmy Tarbuck and George Harrison - there's something a little lacking.

The film is showing at the London Film Festival just now and The Playlist, who deliver the video, will have a review soon after the screening for us all, and an unbiased one at that it sounds. For I have to agree with them, the trailer does look like the similar coming of age tale we've seen before, even if it is Lennon, a great cast, and the writer from Control (Filmstalker review).

See what you think about the trailer for Nowhere Boy from director Sam Taylor-Wood:



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