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Triage trailer online

ColinFarrell.jpgThere's a trailer online for a film called Triage, a film I first heard about in April 2008 when Colin Farrell was announced to lead alongside Paz Vega, Christopher Lee and Jamie Sives.

I had little visibility of the story since then, but even the short blurb that was available then looked interesting and suggested that Colin Farrell was onto something more than some of his usual roles.

Triage is directed by Danis Tanovic and tells the story of a combat photo journalist who returns from a dangerous assignment without his colleague and best friend. Now with the trailer and an additional few points in the blurb, we discover that it's his wife that is trying to piece together what happened on the assignment, and it would seem at the same time try to get her husband to deal with his own demons.

It looks an interesting story and a powerful role for Colin Farrell, something to allow him to really act rather than barge his way through roles, and to be fair he's picking a few roles of late that are more in that area than his larger than life characters, and that's a good thing for us all.

The writer/director Tanovic has a few interesting credits to his name, and the adaptation of the novel by Scott Anderson does sound like it would make for a good film.

See what you think of the trailer:



Please support the film by visiting TriageMovie youtube channel. Thanks!


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