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Triangle reveals all in online game

MelissaGeorge.jpgI have to hope that the upcoming horror film Triangle has something clever up it's sleeve, otherwise it's going to be a complete disaster. I've already written about the fact that the trailers have given away the entire film, well now an online YouTube game gives away a little more.

It's a simple watch a clip, choose an action kind of experience, but what it does do is give us a number of clips from the film and give us a feel for the film, a film that looks really rather exciting. However it also gives away even more.

So there's a huge warning that comes with this little game, and that's if you want to remain spoiler free then don't watch the trailers and don't play the game. In fact try to avoid everything about it, difficult I know when it's playing on television and in the cinema.

Anyway, thanks to Holly for the link in the comments of the previous Triangle article, and here's the game.

Now, there's a scene in here that reveals a little more about the idea, just a little bit more than I've already talked about. If you want to see the previous write up that picks out all the key points in the trailer to reveal the story, then you can see that right here in the previous trailer article.

Be warned that the link above, and what follows, could well be spelling everything out for the film.

The latest little snippet is if you choose to go back to the dining room after the bloody sign says “go to the theatre”. The lead character, played by Melissa George, comes in looking freaked out, not really engaging with the people there, and telling them that Greg told her to tell them to go to the theatre and points the way.

Now this seems odd to me, not only her behaviour but the fact that she's doing just what the bloody sign says, but also her behaviour, and pick up on the visual clue that she's wearing a t-shirt in this clip and the clips either side she's wearing a cardigan. Okay, it's a stretch, but it does tie in, here's why.

We know from before that the person carrying the shotgun is the lead character herself, just caught from a previous cycle, trying to get them to do different things and break the loop. So from this scene we can deduce that the other Melissa George will be popping in to try and mess with the minds of the characters and try and lead them away, or to, their fate in order to change things for the next time round.

So add that to what we already worked out, and it's looking like there's nothing left to the film. Even one of the moments that she breaks the cycle is revealed as she knocks the hooded figure off the boat. The question there is does it end? Is that the end of the cycle and the film? Well it certainly feels it might be, leaving us with the scare that the cycle isn't broken at all.

I just can't believe that with the trailer and this marketing strategy they are revealing so much of the film, and I really find it hard to believe that there's going to be anything left to surprise us.

Has the Triangle all but been revealed?



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