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Up in the Air trailer online

UpintheAir.jpgThere's a new trailer for Up in the Air online and to be honest there's not much more to the trailer other than a few more hints at the rest of the story that the blurb revealed.

There's a glimpse of the relationship that enters the life of the character played by George Clooney, a bit more of the younger talent he has to take under his wing, and of the most interesting part of the story I find, the return home.

The story is about a man who works for a company that flies him around the world to work for other companies downsizing them and in the process he's building up his air miles to a mammoth five million, and at the same time he's met the woman of his dreams, someone that loves the travelling as much as he does.

Just at that high point of his life his company downsizes and his travelling is drastically cut back, and that means he has to return home and spend much more time there.

That's where the interesting part of the Up in the Air trailer for me, seeing this man that has lived his life on the road return to an empty and sanitised apartment that is, on paper, his home and sits down having to reassess his life. Now that's where this story looks to get interesting for me, what about you?



I agree, does look interesting. I've been waiting to watch a trailer for this for a while.


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