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Wahlberg swings in The Fighter footage

MarkWahlberg.jpgFootage from The Fighter, the film that looks at the life of the boxer “Irish” Micky Ward who came back from a life of drugs and crime to fight his way to the world welterweight title with the help of his half-brother.

The film is directed by David O. Russell and stars Mark Wahlberg in the lead role with Christian Bale playing his half-brother and trainer.

Some set footage appeared online today of him during one of the boxing scenes, showing the director blocking out the sequence and then the actors punching it out.

I imagine that the take when the cameras are rolling and the crowd is screaming, I wonder if you can't help but get caught up in the moment and perhaps let fly a little too strong with one of those punches?

I do like seeing the real behind the scenes moments, not the twenty minute long mobile phone shot, nothing happening behind the scenes, but the ones out together by the film-makers to give a real sense of the set and the performance, and this is one of those.

The Fighter looks set to be a real Rocky type film, but a true one that shows a lot more adversity overcome than anything we've seen before, and it could be a role really suited to Mark Wahlberg.

Here's the video from Rogue through Cinema Blend:



after all that he doesn't land on one knee. duh!

I'm sure there were a few more takes after that.

What do you think Scotty, when the crowd started screaming would you be tempted to throw one?


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