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Closed: Win Fired Up! on DVD

FiredUp.jpgI have three copies of Fired Up! on DVD to give away in a very simple competition. The film stars Nicholas D’Agosto, Eric Christian Olsen, Sarah Roemer and AnnaLynne McCord carrying appearances between them of Heroes, Brothers & Sisters, 90210 and Disturbia.

The DVD's come with director's commentary, two featurettes, and a comedy gag reel, and you can win one of them by answering a ridiculously easy question.

The story of FIred Up! sees two football players who are bored with the idea of football camp for the summer and have a great idea to go to cheerleading camp in order to worm their way in with the the cheerleaders by pretending to be all kind and sensitive. However one of the footballers falls for the head cheerleader, and plans change. Now they must work to gain her respect and admiration, rather than just scoring points.

The DVD has just been released on DVD in an uncut, 15 rated version, and comes with the following extras:

Commentary with Director Will Gluck and stars Nick D’Agosto and Eric Christian Olsen Featurette: “The is Not a Cheerleading Movie: The Making-of Fired Up!” Featurette: “Double Duty” Gag Reel: Uncut Version Fired Up! Press Junket

It's easy to get hold of, first just ensure you have a UK postal address, second answer the following question, third use the following link to email in your answer and you can win a copy of the DVD. Here's the question:

What do cheerleaders shake?

When answering, please email your answer and your UK postal address. Here's the email link:

Competition Closed

The competition is open until the end of the day on the 9th of November. Get entering!



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