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Woo talks Flying Tigers

TheFlyingTigers.jpgJohn Woo has been talking about his upcoming project Flying Tigers, and it's been confirmed something that I wrote about back in July, that Tom Cruise was looking likely to star in the film. He reveals a little of the plot and the focus of the film written by Christopher McQuarrie.

It seems a superb line-up, and another exciting war film for the star that also touches on a little known aspect of the war, without feeling the need to over Hollywood-ise the story. Hopefully.

John Woo talked about his next film Flying Tigers which tells the story of the a group of American volunteer fighter pilots who join the war before America did, joining the Chinese Air Force to train their fighter pilots to fly and fight against the Japanese Air Force. However he revealed a little more of the story:

"It's based on a true story in WWII, about a group of American volunteer fighter pilots who worked with the Chinese Air Force fighting with the Japanese and they won the war. Also, it's the story of Clair Chennault, and they did a great contribution for the Chinese, and the Chinese people love and respect them. The whole story is about a friendship between a Chinese and an American and they worked together."

The quote comes from ComingSoon who interviewed John Woo recently, and they not only made the same connections I did about the film, but also were kind enough to link back to the story I wrote in July that, as they say:

"Back in July, a UK site called Filmstalker ran a quote from a press conference Mr. Woo did in China, and they successfully put two-and-two together in regards to the possible reunion, but that story was mysteriously ignored by the rest of the world."

So a quick aside in the story to say huge thanks to ComingSoon for noticing that and giving the credit, very decent of you guys and it pleased me no end.

Together with their interview, a short Variety announcement, and my article, Coming Soon have managed to go a little further on the story and have made the connection that Tom Cruise is likely to be playing the character of Clair Chennault.

I still think it's going to happen and we'll see the Christopher McQuarrie written, John Woo directed film happen with Tom Cruise starring in the lead role. It sounds a perfect film for him following on from the Valkyrie type film, partnering up again with a previous writer and director, and most likely bleeding in some great action too.

It sounds like a superb project, I just hope that they don't overly play around with history and Woo doesn't go too crazy with his action style, holding onto more of the Red Cliff type film than the Hollywood action films that Woo is most known for in the West. That would suit Cruise much more too, and is what would be suggested from a McQuarrie script.



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