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World of Warcraft film takes positive leap

WorldofWarcraft.jpgI seriously wondered if the World of Warcraft film, now called Warcraft, would really ever get made, and if it did if it would it be any good or revert to some poor idea about the players losing their lives to the online game.

Well those feelings look set to be left out in the cold for good now that Sam Raimi is on board and has been talking about Warcraft, and the new writer has joined, the man who wrote Saving Private Ryan no less.

Robert Rodat is the man who is tasked with writing the script, he wrote both Saving Private Ryan and The Patriot. Now you might be wondering what that story has to do with Warcraft, and if you are then I don't think you've seen either of these two films.

Saving Private Ryan is one of the best war films that has been made, not the best, but certainly one of the best, and The Patriot has a lot of similar themes and feelings through it. Both similar concepts that might point the way to a strong Warcraft script, and possibly one about the events in the game rather than the game itself.

Variety has the news that Robert Rodat will be writing the film, which will be live-action. There's not much more information other than production announcements and that Sam Raimi will be supervising the development.

Speaking of Raimi, he's been talking about the project recently and through MT-we don't acknowledge the rest of the world-V and Latino Review, and he said a short phrase that should put a lot of Warcraft fans in a nice relaxed state:

”Faithful to the game.”

Now that's good news, it's got to be, if Sam Raimi says it anyway. Why though should that be so important? Well Raimi has always been careful of the fan base and not one to bow down to the studio pressures of the target audience and ignore the real fans. Look at Spider-Man, well all except the last one where the studio and producers muscled themselves in a bit too far.

I think it's looking good for the Warcraft film, I just wonder if there are some film and World of Warcraft fans out there who think the same, or don't.



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