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Wright not on My Fair Lady

MyFairLady.jpgJoe Wright has revealed that he's not on a remake of My Fair Lady as we were led to believe and in fact he turned down the offer rather flatly, he was never even involved in any discussion of casting with Keira Knightley.

So that leaves My Fair Lady out in the cold, and the newspaper who raised the rumour with egg on their face, and many sites rather fed up of all these made up rumours, but just a little too scared that they might miss the actual story. I admit I feel like that sometimes.

Anyway, the big surprise is that Joe Wright was caught at the London Film Festival closing film screening of Nowhere Boy and asked about the story that he was going to direct the My Fair Lady remake.

He said it was all lies. He'd been asked about it and said no, and the whole process ran for a couple of days.

In the story from ScreenRush through JoBlo he wouldn't reveal who was actually directing the film and had no knowledge of the casting of Keira Knightley.

So there's no Joe Wright on the project, but who is? It's obvious the project is going forward, and is Knightley really on the project?

I wish the remake wasn't happening at all, but since they are, isn't it right that it should be modernised rather than just remaking the original in the same time period?



I am not very surprised at this now.

How so Simone? You know something from the boards?


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