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Wright off Indian Summer?

JoeWright.jpgJust the other day I was writing about Irrfan Khan joining the film Indian Summer with shows the last days of the British Indian Empire through the alleged affair that the Indian Prime Minister had with Lady Mountbatten, the wife of the Viceroy of the British Indian Empire, and in the article I pointed out that the Indian authorities have asked for some changes on the script during the romantic scenes.

Now, thanks to a reader, it would seem that the director Joe Wright is not on the project any more and it might have a fair amount to do with the changes requested from the Indian authorities.

Joe Wright had planned to create an epic film that would show India in all its glory and tell the story of how it gained independence from Britain during 1947 concentrating on Lord and Lady Mountbatten and Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru, and the affair between Lady Mountbatten and Nehru.

However, as the first story showed, the Alex von Tunzelmann novel (Amazon.co.uk / Amazon.com) called Indian Summer and the film script were under a lot of scrutiny from Indian authorities and was subject to what was described as a heavy vetting process by them.

This seemed to concentrate around the romantic scenes between the character of the Indian Prime Minister, to be played by Irrfan Khan, and that of Lady Edwina Mountbatten, played by Cate Blanchett, and the concern of showing the intimate relationship between them.

Thanks to Filmstalker reader Kathy SF, it would seem that this hit Joe Wright, and he may have moved onto other projects. Speaking through The Daily Mail he said:

"It was to have been an intimate epic…The focus would have been on Edwina, Louis Mountbatten and Nehru and how they played out with the political dynamics and the sense of end of Empire…but my take on Lady Edwina and Nehru was that it was a meeting of hearts and minds…"

Sounds rather good, but then the bad news comes.

"But it won't be my next film now; I'll do something else. There are other projects…"

The article even says that Wright couldn't be 100% certain that he was going to return to the film, and it seemed that the reason was a little more than the usual production issues.

"You know how it is with studios - sometimes they want certain aspects in more detail…"

That could be referring to the on screen relationship, or it might be that they wanted to pull away from that to appease the Indian authorities and deliver something different.

The story suggests that it might just have been a bigger and better project that came along for the studio and they weren't wanting to finance Indian Summer right now, but considering that this article is less than a month old it hasn't been much time for them to do something else and then announce the arrival of Irrfan Khan in one of the leads.

Seems very strange, and that would most likely leave us with the options of either Wright isn't off the film and everything's back on, or that Wright is off the film due to the changes in the script that the Indian authorities have seemingly demanded, and the production has agreed to.

We'll wait and see what happens because with the announcement of a lead like Khan a project is clearly moving forward. Is that with or without Wright?



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