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Writer and director in talks for Venom

Venom.jpgI'm surprised that Venom is moving ahead at the same time as Spider-Man 4 and would have thought that the studio would have wanted to keep their screen time separate, especially as they come from the same film and are somewhat similar.

However they aren't, they want to push forward on both projects and get a Venom film out to ensure that the rights don't fall from the Columbia Pictures owner to the new owner of the Marvel Entertainment rights, Disney.

So the push to get Venom going is on, and because the character stems from Spider-Man and is so similar, it would seem they are keen to get the same talent on both films, not in front of the camera, but behind.

Variety is reporting that Gary Ross, writer and director of Pleasantville and Seabiscuit, is in talks to write and direct the Venom film, which is very interesting considering he is writing Spider-Man 4 as we read.

Columbia retain the rights to Venom as they own all the Spider-Man characters in the deal they made some time ago, and like all the Marvel deals at the moment, as long as a studio keeps making them they retain the rights, as soon as they stop they go back to Marvel. Which is now Disney.

Rather simplistic, but that's the way it's working at the moment.

So that means they are rushing ahead with Venom and what better way to do it than stick on the same writer for Spider-Man 4? Well, I don't think so. Unless that is Gary Ross is intent on taking it in a completely different direction and making it a completely different character, something the studio don't seem to be.

In the article it states that Venom, one of the greatest arch-enemies of Spider-Man, an alien creature that bonds with other creatures to form Venom who is intent on destroying the powerful host that rejected him, Peter Parker, is to be transformed into an anti-hero who becomes a defender of the innocent.

Okay, I'm not a huge Spider-Man comic fan or do I know a lot about the Venom storyline from start to finish, but glancing through Wikipedia it seems that there's no real mention of it becoming an anti-hero and being a good but bad guy.

Is this moving too close to being simply a darker Spider-Man? Think the new Batman style of Peter Parker. Frankly I always thought Venom was evil.



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