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Wrong Turn 3 first five minutes

WrongTurn2.jpgThe first five minutes of a brand new comedy has arrived online, called Wrong Turn 3: Left for Dead, this film takes the Wrong Turn franchise and takes it on a Wrong Turn, to laughter.

Well we all know it's supposed to be a horror, but watching this first five minutes I felt we were actually watching a cheap comedy that wasn't quite hitting the mark, there was just something about the camera angles and lingering at the wrong moments that made me almost giggle.

The first thing are the two cops calling for help and nothing working, okay, cliché central with some hapless looks. Then there's the daftness of the truck knocking the bus off the road, but just before that we get the multiple shots of everyone inside leaning to one side and then back to the other, just like old Star Trek episodes.

It goes on. The knife in the neck, the avoiding the arrows, the gormless looks, the in and out of the van, it just seems like a cheap comedy, nothing like a horror at all.

See what you think, but I suspect the Wrong Turn franchise ends here with Wrong Turn 3: Left for Dead.

Here's the opening five minutes through UGO:



This is on the bill for the Halloween Frightfest all-nighter. I'll let you know, but advance warning: this is the one earmarked for sleeping through.

I can already see it's worth sleeping through from the trailer! Mind you it might be so bad it's funny and that keeps you awake.

Do let us know Dan.

let me know when the big budget 'fright night' remake trailer gets premiered...

still one of the best horror pictures ever made...the remake is just a bit more ambitious in its 'presentation'...
the movie is rumoured to compete more with its production with the newly antcipated 'wolfman'...
dandridge is rumoured to have greater transformation capabilities in frightnight remake...he will appear also as 'the beast' in the more disturbing third half of the picture.

dreamworks have rumoured to have budgeted the picture in the region of $80 million dollars...
a new feature of the picture will be the disturbing black and white flashbacks which will ensure an
NC-17 certificate for american audiences to give the picture a bit more backbone from similar titles to be released around the time of early 2011...

watch carefully for fright remake and don't be surprised if chris sarandon makes a brief appearance in an unusual role he may pop up anytime he feels like it...
make no mistake fright night remake will be a serious hollywood horror to rival anything that has previously been attempted including coppola's dracula 1992...
it has even been rumoured hollywood have developed a new engine for the picture to make the environments more 'captivating' some creatures will look real but will be cgi...costumes will appear painted on.
fleetwood mac have been appraoched to record some atmospheric rock music for the infamous club scene.


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