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Wrong Turn at Tahoe trailer online

CubaGoodingJr.jpgCuba Gooding Jr., one time Oscar winner for a film where he shouted and leapt around the screen much more than the average performance, and cruised on the performance of others, hasn't really seen the success that he was lavished with in Jerry Maguire, despite appearing with similar casts before and after. He's produced far better and noteworthy performances that have been forgotten about far too quickly.

I'm not sure if Wrong Turn at Tahoe is going to be one of the better ones or not, but it certainly looks like it might be one that's forgotten about all too quickly, even if it is starring Harvey Keitel and Miguel Ferrer.

The trailer looks not too bad, but I do think it's a mark of the drop of careers of both Harvey Keitel and Cuba Gooding Jr.

It tells the story of a small time crime boss who kills a drug dealer who just happens to work for the biggest crime boss in the country, and the small time boss pulls his best collector and hitman into the fray to try and help him solve the problem, despite his hitman wanting to leave his job for better things.

Watching the trailer for Wrong Turn at Tahoe I'm pretty sure this could go one of two ways, good or bad, and it could so easily take a wrong turn itself. The trailer is well put together, and I'm not sure if it's hiding a poor film, or just teasing a good one.

Franck Khalfoun directs, he directed P2, and the writer is a previous stuntman.

Here's the trailer for you to make your own minds up.



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