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Xavier Gens The Fallout

XavierGens.jpgXavier Gens has a new film lined up called The Fallout. What's most interesting about the film is the fact that it's set in New York but will be filming in Eastern Europe - now that's going to be a good job for the location scouts.

The film seems to be set to be filled with gritty realism, if the comparisons to other films are to be believed, and coming from Gens you can expect some seriously stylistic action and camera work.

I don't believe either Hitman (Filmstalker review) or Xavier Gens got the credit they both deserved. Oh I'm not saying that they are Oscar winners, but the film was a great adaptation and done very stylistically, and the filming did a great job of delivering stylish action.

Now his next film, according to Screen Daily, is The Fallout and will be filming in Eastern Europe despite the story being in a post-apocalyptic New York. The story describes it as:

"…a thriller that combines elements of Assault on Precinct 13 with Lord of the Flies in a story of survival."

Now that's a hell of a way to pitch the film. Karl Mueller and Eron Sheean are set to do the writing. The producers Ross Dinerstein and Darryn Welch said of the film:

"Xavier's vision for this film is extraordinary. He brings a visual edge to this fascinating exploration of the human condition…

...With a collective of 'End of the World' movies hitting the theatres presently, this film will undoubtedly stand out like a ravenous Pit bull in a school playground… brace yourselves cause this film has a serious bite to it!"

Sounds interesting indeed, and Xavier Gens is a pretty stylish director who can deliver some great action. I just wonder if the film will manage to capture New York when it's filming in Eastern Europe.



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