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Altitude trailer online

Altitude.jpgWatching the trailer for Altitude I find myself wondering what's going on, it looks freakishly bizarre, in a good way. I'm talking Lovecraft/Twilight Zone kind of way, it's kind of unexpected.

The trailer looks pretty damn good as well, and it's right here for you to see.

Altitude tells the story of a group of teenagers head off on a flight with a rookie pilot and then find that they are climbing out of control and there's something else up there with them, something supernatural, and something you're going to see in the trailer too.

There's not much else to say about it other than to get into the trailer and see what you think, it's pretty interesting. Some might say there are comparisons with Final Destination or perhaps The Langoliers, but those are the people who love to compare films, I don't think that's fair, and to be honest I just thought about deleting that stream of consciousness from the story, but I shan't because I've already written it and the fact is Altitude does stand out from these comparative films.



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