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Area 51 plot revealed

Area51.jpgWe had heard that the writer/director Oren Peli, the man behind the successful Paranormal Activity which I'm going to see in the closing hours of Friday the 13th, was set to make Area 51, and that the plot was being kept a closely guarded secret, apart from a few details about the general set-up.

Well that has been blown out of the water as someone has apparently read the script outline for the film and the reader has revealed online some major plot details and spoilers. Secret no more.

The original blurb for Area 51 we had heard said that there were three teenagers who head to the actual Area 51 in the Nevada Desert and that the film would use the back in vogue idea of footage being found after the fact.

Now a source who has read a forty-three page script outline from Oren Peli, has told Latino Review exactly what they remember about it, and the overview of his review is something like this:

"Today, I got my hands on a recent draft of Oren Peli's script and, from the first page until the end, I just kept thinking to myself, 'Is this really just going to be Paranormal Activity with aliens?'"

Apparently it is very much like Paranormal Activity, although there are some things to remember, there's no dialogue in this outline at all, and instead there are scene descriptions listing props, actors, and the interactions between them around which the dialogue will be improvised, much like Oren Peli's first film.

You can read the full rundown over at Latino Review, however it's far from spoiler ridden as you might think, so I'll give you the shortened version.

The script will see four friends get together and break into Area 51 with the help of a former employee's knowledge, and mostly all filmed on their hand-held camcorders. The group consist of a cool geeky leader who is technically knowledgeable and fascinated by outer space; a friend who is a complete sceptic; another who is just a follower of the stronger personalities, and the single female role who happens to be a very strong character that wants to come along and prove her father right - he's convinced he's been abducted by aliens.

It sounds an interesting concept, but the reviewer is right, they really need to beef it up and add some more intelligence around some of the little touches that just seem a little too out of place or even silly, particularly they'll have to concentrate on how these guys could really break into one of the closest guarded secrets of the American Air Force so easily, and those stereotypical characters.

Blair Witch meets Area 51 sounds far more relevant to me than Paranormal Activity at the moment, but then the script is an outline, doesn't contain dialogue, and is probably going through multiple rewrites. Time will tell.



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