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Avatar complete scene online

Avatar.jpgI'm a bit concerned that Avatar might just over expose itself before the time comes. I've seen sixteen minutes of it in 3D and I think that I'm well placed to get through the onslaught of non-huge screen, high definition content that is starting to come forth, but I wonder if the less than average, flash content that we're seeing is going to have the same impact or actually detract from what the film will deliver?

Saying that, I'm linking to a complete scene from Avatar, something to give you more of a sense of the action and the world in which the Avatars are going to be operating. However it is Flash, and it doesn't look as good as the final film. Or does it?

Sure this clip isn't 3D and it's not huge screen, none of the clips and trailers have been, but as someone who has actually seen the 3D IMAX sixteen minute preview footage first hand, and most of this scene included, I have to say this has something the film doesn't. The ability to take in the detail and the world around the characters.

Watching the preview I was focusing more on the 3D aspect and found it difficult to relax and take in everything in each frame. Instead your eyes were distracted by the 3D, pulled towards the nearest objects, struggling to keep in focus all the elements presented, but on the Flash version of the scene below you can do just that.

I'm really torn. On the one hand I'm not a fan of 3D, as yet I don't see it bringing anthing beneficial to films that the story and characters don't. So far it's been a gimmick. Of course Avatar is the film that's being pitched as solving that and bringing us a film in which 3D is as integral as the lighting or the camera work, but I remain unconvinced.

Watching the scene below I've seen more than I did when watching it in 3D IMAX, and I think that says a lot.

Have a look for yourself, that is if you're not concerned about over exposure of content from the film in different formats to the final version of Avatar. Here's the clip from IGN through Collider.



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