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Berg's Battleship first reveal

Battleship.jpgPeter Berg is directing Battleship, the adaptation of the board game, but the big question has been just where is the story going to go? Well there may just have been a big reveal online, and if it's true then it may well look epic.

When it was announced I had mixed feelings. First I thought that it would give such creative freedom for the writers that we could end up with something good ready to make it to film. At the same time though, it's still the board game Battleship, how could that be a good film?

With Peter Berg on board to direct things were looking very positive, I mean surely he wouldn't sign on to direct it if it wasn't a strong idea?

So far we've heard from the man that Battleship will be about a small fleet of battleships involved in a very intense battle, and that's been about it. Up until now we really thought that this would be a standard naval battle but with plenty of CG and some amazing effects and very real battles.

However a rumour has come out through Latino Review that there's something else added to the mix, aliens.

Now remember the salt with this one because it is very much a rumour from their source, and we all know how unreliable they can be, however if they are right then this is a weird one.

There are so many questions raised by this, such as why would the aliens be picking on a small group of battleships? Well I guess that would come out as the story develops, but surely it would be part of a complete invasion and the ships wouldn't fight on their own for long would they?

Well, let's look to one of my Dad's favourite films, The Final Countdown from 1980. Remember the USS Nimitz is transported back in time to the day of Pearl Harbour and they have the chance to use superior power and technology to stop the Japanese attack? It starred Kirk Douglas as the captain of the Nimitz as well as starring Martin Sheen?

What if they did something like that. For some reason a small fleet is transported to another world, isolated, in a hostile environment, and they have to battle to survive and get themselves back to Earth.

It may be crazy, but it's no more crazier than the idea of aliens in a story about the Battleship board game. Mind you, it does go a little against what he's already said about the Battleship film:

"...a contemporary story of an international five-ship fleet engaged in a very dynamic, violent and intense battle"



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