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Boogie the Movie trailer online

Boogie.jpgI have no idea what I'm going to really write about with this trailer because I have no idea about the material behind it. It's a film based on the comic by Fontanarrosa, about a cold-blooded hitman who hits the wrong man and incurs a terrifying wrath.

However he's more than capable of dealing with it. This guy looks harder than any eighties action hero, and he cares for nothing and no one. The film is an animated tale that combines traditional animation with CG and some cool characters with some superb writing.

Here's the write up for the film which you can find out more about at the official site for Boogie:

A cold-Blooded and ruthless hit man. Always on the run Boogie follows his own rules. A violent, chauvinist and sadistic character starring in a film that features a story line, music and images targeted to teen and adult audiences.

Women, alcohol, bullets, it has it all. Boogie, combines black humor, incredible 2-D backgrounds. and 3-D graphics with a sharp screenplay. Boogie, is a film that provides a lethal dose of irony and such extreme violence that it becomes impossible not to laugh.

I really like the look of this trailer which came through Premiere's site:

Boogie looks really stylish and there are some excellent shots in there that remind you of high end CG films, and they haven't skimped on that character and the dialogue, it does look good. My only concern is that they are rolling it out in 3D, and yet again it's a film that doesn't look to need 3D.



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