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British film Whole Lotta Sole gets Bacon

KevinBacon.jpgThankfully there's some good, big British production news, this isn't a small budget horror film, oh no, this is a film starring Kevin Bacon, Jonathan Rhys-Meyers, Sophie Okonedo and James Nesbitt, the film is a comedy about a failed heist in a fish market. What's the title? Whole Lotta Sole.

Yes, there's a big groan there, but the idea of grabbing Bacon next to the excellent home grown talent is a good one and promises much for the film which comes with some strong names behind the scenes too.

Jay Russell, who directed Ladder 49, is set to direct from a screenplay that Terry George, who wrote Hotel Rwanda, and Thomas Gallagher (I may have the wrong one linked there, let me know if I have! - Thank you Sarah for the correction).

The plot, according to ScreenDaily, goes something like this:

The story centres on a botched fish market robbery that leads to the involvement of the local police and a gangster out for revenge.

Apparently it will be very much like a traditional gangster and hostage taking film but with plenty of comedy and heart.

Well I was a little disappointed by the comedy aspect when I first saw Kevin Bacon's name associated with these British stars who are all strong actors in their own right, but the write up seems to suggest that there's a lot more to it than straight comedy, and at least it's not a horror/comedy as Britain seems to have settled into producing for the worldwide market.



The correct link is Thomas Gallagher (IV) on IMDB.

Many thanks Sarah, corrected.

The movie stars Brendan Fraser not Bacon you Ball Bag!

It didn't at the time of writing the article, you ignoramus resorting to cheap name calling to try and score points.


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