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Broderick's Wonderful World trailer online

MatthewBroderick.jpgIt's been a long time since I've seen Matthew Broderick in a film that captures my interest, but Wonderful World might just be it.

Okay, there's an intense feeling of The Visitor (Filmstalker review) here, and in fact it feels almost too close to that story, but then that was a good film, and with Wonderful World they do seem to be taking the events in a somewhat different direction.

The story of Wonderful World tells of a man, played by Matthew Broderick, divorced from his wife and child, visiting his daughter on weekends. He has a hugely cynical view of life and struggles to be positive about anything (I think that sounds like my Dad sometimes!) however he does have something positive in his life, his Senegalese room-mate Ibu, played by Michael K. Williams from The Wire.

Ibu has diabetes, and one day he takes seriously ill and the events around Ben's attempts to get him to hospital reaffirm just how pathetic and mindless people and the world can be. Ibu is left in a coma.

That's when his sister appears and Ben invites her to stay at his house while Ibu is in hospital, and (doesn't this seem like The Visitor now?) they grow closer. It's through her that he begins to shed his negativity, particularly in the eyes of his daughter, and starts to find some light in his life again.

Of course we all know that it's not going to be so easy don't we?

There looks to be a good cast in the film, just watch the trailer and see for yourself, and it's written and directed by Joshua Goldin, who surprisingly did some writing on Darkman and Out on a Limb also starring Broderick, but is taking his first step into directing.

You can see the two trailers below in Flash format, or there's the high definition version over at Apple Trailers.

...and there's an earlier trailer that popped up when I was looking for an embeddable version of the trailer...

Well I have to say that the newer trailer is a hell of a lot better, and that's not just for the terrible, high pitched voice-over!

As much as it looks like The Visitor (Filmstalker review), I am interested in the film, it looks like a nice story and something that Broderick could play well.



Broderick is very likeable and the majority of the films he has been in are very watchable. This film looks sweet.


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