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Brothers trailer online

BrothersUSPoster.jpgA new trailer for Brothers has arrived online and I'm still struggling with how much of a psychological thriller it looks like from the outset, and how much of a bad guy it's pushing the Tobey Maguire character towards, something that just doesn't come through in the original.

I mean that in a good way, for the original looks at the effects of the story on normal people, and when the soldier returns from his captivity and torture abroad, when everyone thought he was dead and had moved on with their lives, he struggles to deal with normal life and accepting what has happened without him.

Sure the original is a thriller, but it's a much more human one. This trailer alone looks like it could even start delving into a horror realm. If you didn't know the story I could easily suggest that he's possessed by some spirit while he's abroad, or given some powerful mind control, whatever, the point is that it doesn't feel like the psychological view of real people in this bizarre situation. Not from the trailer anyway.

However the film has a strong cast, there's Tobey Maguire, Jake Gyllenhaal, Natalie Portman, Sam Shepard, Clifton Collins Jr., and more, and with Jim Sheridan directing from the adaptation by David Benioff of the strong original film from Susanne Bier, Brødre, you have to think the film will be fine despite the trailer.

You know Hollywood has to consider the use of the voice-over man, just because he has a cool voice doesn't mean he has to use it all the time in every trailer. Here he talks straight over the nice family part of the trailer and the problem is that it suddenly loses it's power. It should be showing normal life descending into the taught thriller brought about by the returning soldier, but instead the voice-over puts you in that mindset from the scenes where you should be thinking of nice, normal family life.

The other aspect of the trailer that caught my eye I noticed is the digital removal of Jake Gyllenhaal's cigarette when they're beside the ice rink, very odd that they did that, but obviously for marketing purposes. Have a look again.

Anyway, here's the trailer to have a look at:



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