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Clash of the Titans teaser online

ClashoftheTitans2.jpgThe Clash of the Titans has a teaser trailer online and it's looking like there's going to be tons of action in that action adventure story, that and some stunning effects. We don't get to see huge amounts of the creatures, which is good, but what we do see looks absolutely stunning.

Now compared to the Kick-Ass teaser, this just destroys it, but saying that there are a lot more reveals in this teaser in comparison.

I'm really excited about Clash of the Titans after this teaser, and I now don't know what I was expecting to see, but after seeing the teaser I am almost salivating. It's like the excitement of 300 mixed with the creature effects of...well...I don't what to compare it against that has so many different creatures, not that we're getting to see all of them in this teaser, but there's a few.

To show that, I've grabbed the images that show some of the creatures in the teaser, and they do look good. You can see them below:


Scorpion Awaits.jpg


Giant Scorpion Stinger.jpg


Disfigured Sword Fight.jpg

Harpy Flying Attack.jpg

Giant Scorpion Attack.jpg

Mummified Warriors.jpg

Or have a nice slideshow to zip through them:

To see the teaser, you can either watch the Flash version below courtesy of Coming Soon, or head directly to the high-definition versions, which I prefer, from Warner Bros in 480p, 720p and 1080p.

What do you think? That scorpion battle looks something else. I think the new film looks pretty damned good and just might deliver something action packed and maybe rather surprising.



Looks stunning but I'm not mad on the music they used for the trailer. Makes it seem like an MTV music video.

Also it didn't really promote Sam Worthington as the hero. I was hard to tell who the main character would be.

I agree Ed with your comments regarding music and Worthington. It does look good though, which surprised me for some reason.

It's definitely going for a 300 pitch with the music, etc.


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