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Cooper as Uday Hussein

DominicCooper.jpgThe Iraq war films have begun, interestingly there haven't been as many films about Afghanistan as yet, but we haven't seen many about the regime behind Iraq, Saddam Hussein and his family. A new film is set to adapt the true story of the body double for Uday Hussein into a thriller.

The film will look at how Latif Yahia, who looked incredibly like Saddam's son who became famous for his sadistic nature, was forced against his will to double for the man in potentially dangerous situations.

Dominic Cooper is set to star alongside Ludivine Sagnier in the thriller that will be directed by Lee Tamahori, which really does suggest an action/adventure thriller rather than a straight true account.

The story from ScreenDaily tells us that The Devil's Double is adapted by Michael Thomas from the books by Latif Yahia, I Was Saddam's Son and, unsuprisingly, The Devil's Double (Amazon.co.uk / Amazon.com). Not only do they tell the story of how he was apparently forced to be Uday's double, but also what he saw and was privvy to once he was a part of the inner circle of Uday's world, a world of corruption, violence and debauchery.

It sounds like a great role for Cooper, and an interesting film, but I wonder how far Tamahori and Thomas will take the film from the actual story and from the events in the book, and how far it will change the real life events to make for a better thriller.

I do hope that we get the true story, something which might be much more interesting than seeing this warped to become a stock thriller with plenty of action through it.



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